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May 14 2014


Carrot Fit Updated With New Workout Module Involving Dragons And Justin Bieber | 9to5mac

CARROT, the fun-lovingAI construct who just wants to hurt you in visit homepage ways you cant even imagine, has returned with a brand new CARROT Fit update . In this update, youll find a new 7-minute workout module thats just a little different from the rest. Thats because this one involves punching Justin Bieber in the face and performing a dragon mating dance, among other, equally-ridiculous activities. The updateincludes 12 built-in exercises, including old favorites such as Cant Get Ups, Imperial Butt Dips, and Extreme Lying Down. Purchasing the $1.99 Excerise Booster Pack unlocks an additional 12, including Celebrity Face Punches and Mount Doom Climbs. You can track your workout and weigh-in history in the apps new profile screen. You can even add a profile photo, which CARROT will criticize and helpfully offer to swap out for one of her favorite human, actor Alan Thicke (and yes, the app really will replace your photo with Thickes if you accept the offer). Completing the workout and weighing in regularly will allow you to level up and unlock new rewardsthough some of the rewards are actually just new forms of punishment, such as an option to enable more two even more difficult workouts. A few of the more useful unlockables include the ability to set a goal weight, a calendar and other charts to track your progress, extra rest time between exercises, and for some reason the option to use Klingon units of measurement.
More http://9to5mac.com/2014/05/14/carrot-fit-updated-with-new-workout-module-involving-dragons-and-justin-bieber/

February 17 2014


Olympian Diet Tips For Mortals

In Olympics past, there have been stories like this one : an American swimmer who ate nothing but McDonalds, gained seven ponds, and won gold. If only we all could eat like that. READ MORE Annual Mammograms Don't Save Lives Olympic athletes eat to support the high demands of their sport, but the good news is there are habits the average Jane or Joe can incorporate into their desk-job lifestyle. Lessons from Olympians can help us lose weight and get healthy without having to join a teamor better yet, find a sponsor. They might, at least, let us chow down on a few Big Macs from time to time without putting on the pounds. READ MORE FDA: More Female Libido Studies! The goal of a well-done sports nutrition plan is to help the Olympian train longer and harder, delay the onset of fatigue, enhance performance, promote optimal recovery, and adapt to their hard workcode for grow muscles. If you ask mealthough we dont articulate it the same wayour everyday goals are the same. Similarly, athletes also Max Workouts review want great bodies that function really well, for as long as possible. Their disciplined diet can be boiled down to three simple rules that we can massage to fit our untelevised lifestyle. Consider these three rules to achieve your personal best! READ MORE Sick of Being Sick 1.
More http://news.yahoo.com/olympian-diet-tips-mortals-031627978--politics.html

February 02 2014


You Want Flat Stomach? These Are 6 Things You Must Do

3. Focus on potassium-rich foods:As sodium makes body retain water, potassium helps it to Max Workouts review get rid of excess water. Eating potassium-rich foods like bananas and sweet potatoes can help minimise your middle waist. But make sure to exercise right as these can be fattening too. 4. Stay hydrated:Drinking enough water ensures that fibre can do its job to ease constipation too.
Source: http://www.ynaija.com/you-want-flat-stomach-these-are-6-things-you-must-do/

January 25 2014


Broncos Receivers Strong, Silent Type

Get Adobe Flash player Though the receivers can expect physical coverage from the Seattle secondary, the Broncos may be able to counter that with the sheer number of threats they possess on any given passing play. One aspect the Broncos lack, compared to the Legion of Boom secondary, is a trash-talking leader like Sherman. I think thats just our personalities, wideout Wes Welker said. I think thats just who we are. I think we do a great job just giving each other trash if we ever become like that or anything else. Decker said the decision not to talk much smack on the field is mostly just practical. Were a confident team.

January 17 2014


welcome to my web journey

welcome to my online journey
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